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          1. About LPACN
            Governance &
            Executive Committee
            LPACN profile
            Conceived and initiated by leading Limited Partners ("LP") in Asia, LPACN aims to become the most credible non-profit platform of interaction for institutional investors in private equity from China and abroad.
            Mission Statement
            LPACN commits itself to maintaining the interests of LPs in China, promoting the understanding and cooperation between Chinese and international institutional investors through research, forums and exchange programs, and facilitating a healthy and sustainable development for the Chinese venture capital and private equity industry.
          2. To provide a platform for the exchange of views among LPs who are actively investing in China
          3. To facilitate understanding and cooperation between Chinese and international LPs
          4. To promote international best practice in China
          5. Act as a voice for the LP community in China
          6. Copyright © 2011 Limited Partners Association of China. All rights reserved