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          1. LPACN New Round of Lobbying Visits 2010 Achieved Fruitful Results

            On May 27th 2010, the LPACN delegation of 6 people, namely, Vincent Huang from Pantheon, Gavin Ni from Zero2IPO, Jason from Morgan Creek, Chun Song from Adveq, Rebecca Xu from Asia Alternatives Advisor and Maggie Zhang as the office staff of LPACN, visited Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) and National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) in succession.

            The discussion with Mr. Lin Zheying, Deputy Director General of Department of Trade in Services of MOFCOM, focused on the launch of Qualified Foreign Limited Partner (QFLP) mechanism, and the discussion with Mr. Liu Jianjun, Director of Financial Affairs Division, Department of Fiscal and Financial Affairs, NDRC, revolved around questions on QFLP mechanism and China’s taxation system.

            The visits brought fruitful results by creating a platform for investment policy dialogue and cooperation between LPACN and China government.

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