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          1. LPACN Networking Dinner held successfully after 3rd China LP Summit May 26 2010

            May 26, 2010 witnessed a great success of the 3rd China LP Summit at Park Hyatt Beijing.

            With Zero2IPO Group being the host of the Summit, Mr. Gavin Ni, Founder & CEO of Zero2IPO and Secretary General of LPACN at the same time,? delivered the keynote speech and made a brief introduction of LPACN to an audience of about 150 people. Over a dozen LPs attending the summit were LPACN members, and all of the four panel discussion moderators were from LPACN Executive Committee.

            As a supporting organization of the Summit, LPACN co-hosted the networking dinner on the evening of May 26th. About 15 LPACN members presented themselves and enjoyed the communication with their peers active in China investment market over the dinner table.


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