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          1. Qingsong Fund III with A Size of RMB850.0M Established

            ?According to source of Pedaily.cn on Aug. 29,?at the 5th anniversary of the founding of Qingsong fund, it announced that Qingsong Fund III was formally established with?a size of RMB850.00M. The fund will be mainly invested in pan-entertainment, education, consumption and AI +.

            Over 30 LPs invested in Qingsong Fund III, including Shenzhen Guidance Fund, Guotou Chuanghe National Emerging Fund, Qianhai Fund of Funds, Zhenjiang State-owned Investment Holding Group, Redbud Capital, Jingbei Investment, and Wang Meng, CEO of RayJoy.?


            It is noteworthy that RayJoy was invested by Qingsong Fund. Later it was acquired by a listed company and then Qingsong Fund successfully exited. Presently, Wang Meng has turned from an investee to a LP.


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