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          1. SCG Boasts over RMB200B AUM, 120 Listed Portfolio Enterprises and 40% IRR

            By Jerry Liu , PEdaily.cn

            ?Shenzhen is a land full of glory and dream forPE/VC.

            In 1999, Shenzhen Capital Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafterreferred to as “SCG”) was born there. Over the past 18 years, having undergone changesin the capital market, SCG has occupied the dominating position among domestic VCfirms.

            According to data, by the end of March 2017, SCGmanaged about RMB208.46B of funds of all kinds, and its VC business had 40.32% ofannual IRR; it had a total of 730 portfolios, ranking No.1 nationwide, with acumulative investment amount of up to RMB27.9B. The investments involved suchindustries as information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing,Internet/cultural creativity, consumer goods/modern services, biomedicine, newenergy/environmental protection, and new materials/chemical engineering.

            Since it reaped the first listed portfolio companyin 2000, SCG has overcome all obstacles in the capital market, creatingmultiple “No.1s”, including Weichai Power the first Hong Kong H-shares listed enterprisethat returned to A-shares in Chinese mainland, and Zqgame the first online gameenterprise that went public in Chinese mainland… So far, SCG’s portfoliosreported 120 listed companies, including 106 via IPO and 14 via reverse merger,coming out top in domestic VC firms.


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