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          1. CreditEase IDG Angel Investment FOF No.1 Launched with Size of RMB500M

            By Coral , PEdaily.cn

            ?CreditEaseIDG?Angel Investment FOF No.1 was launched on April 15,2017, with the size being RMB500M. It will focus on “white horse” type angelinvestment funds with long history, stable team and continuous excellentperformance, as well as “dark horse” type angel investment funds with novel investmentstrategy and strong performance expectation. In addition, it will reserve notmore than 10% of money for co-investments in high-quality projects with high-growthpotential among cooperative funds.

            This angel investment FOFwill target such fields as TMT and consumption upgrade, in order to comply withthe great trend of social development. It focuses on innovations in both businessmode and technology in an attempt to seize turning-point opportunities for thenext round of rapid development.

            Driven by “mass entrepreneurshipand innovation” and multiple favorable industrial policies, the angelinvestment field has followed a trend of vigorous development since 2014, withsteady rises in the size and quantity of fundraising, investment and exit. Specifically,a series of emerging startup companies in such fields of TMT, mobile Internet,financial technology, healthcare, consumption upgrading and clean energy havegot attention from various investment institutions.


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