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          1. Haidian District Set Up Two Funds Totaling RMB800M to Focus On “Smart +”

            By Vicky , PEdaily.cn

            According to PEdaily.cn (WeChatID: pedaily2012) on June 9, Haidian district officially announced that it has set up Zhongguancun InnoWay Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fund and Zhongguancun (Haidian) Joint Innovation Fund. The two funds, amounting to RMB800M, will mainly be used for consolidating the resources for innovation.
            Zhongguancun(Haidian) Joint Innovation Fund was launched by Zhongguancun management committee, Haidian district government, Shengjing FoF and relevant enterprises in Zhongguancun, with the size of RMB300M. The Fund aims to integrate global innovation capability with Chinese capital, industry, market force and service capability for effective allocation, in order to speed up the internationalization of the innovation ecology.

            The RMB500M worth Zhongguancun InnoWay Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fund will be used to invest high-tech startups at their early and growth stages, for the integration of industrial and innovation chains in the entrepreneurship & innovation demonstration bases.


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