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          1. Biggest Reform in 24 Years of HKEX will be Implemented!

            By PEdaily.cn

            ?Four?years after missing Alibaba, the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong made a significant step on IPO mechanism reform.

            On?the evening of December 15, HKEX announced to introduce two new chapters to its main board listing rules: 1. accepting listing of players with WVR structures; 2.accepting bio-tech players which have not make profit or have no revenue. Inaddition, relevant rules on second listing venue will be modified in order to facilitate the Hong Kong listing of companies which have listed on major international capital market.

            HKEX Chief Executive Charles Li said this was the greatest reform for over 20 years.

            The?reform stirred domestic VC/PE circle. HKEX has made it clear that it’ll try to clear obstacles for sci-tech enterprises from the mainland to get listed in Hong Kong. This provides a more convenient financing platform for startups and makes IPO exit easier for VC/PE firms.


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