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          1. 2019 LPACN AGM Successfully Completed

            By LPACN

            ?The 2019 LPACN Annual General Meeting was successfully completed July 10th in Shanghai. About 60 representatives of LPACN member and friend organizations attended the meeting.??

            The election result of LPACN Executive Committee was announced with Mr. Gavin Ni of Zero2IPO Group elected as the Chair of LPACN Executive Committee. Three new members of the Executive Committee include Mr. Jipeng Wang, Oriza FOFs; Ms. Carolyn Chen, SVB Capital, and Ms. Shan Zhu, Mousse Partners. Mr. PiauVoon Wang, Legend Capital, was appointed as Treasurer. Ms. Maggie Zhang was appointed as Secretary General.?

            On behalf of LPACN membership, we thank Ms. Sally Shan, HarbourVest, and Mr. Yong Zhang, Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings, for their outstanding contribution in their term of service.?

            Sincere gratitude also goes to all our members and friends that have provided support and assistance to the development of LPACN in the past 11 years.?

            We will continue to shoulder the responsibilities to represent our members in creating a platform to exchange information and enhance relationships, promoting the private equity best practices and improving the overall investment environment in China.

            ?LPACN counts on your continued participation and support in order to better promote and serve the LP community.

            ?We welcome your comment and advice. Please reach out to?Maggie Zhang.?


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