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          1. LPACN Supported Event: SuperReturn Asia 2019

            By LPACN


            Maturing markets. Sophisticated strategies. Stronger returns.
            23 – 26 September 2019
            JW Marriott Hotel, Hong Kong

            15% Discount – VIP code: FKR2474LPEM
            Visit website

            Here are 5 reasons why you should join us at SuperReturn Asia, the clear choice for investors in Asian private equity.

            1.?????? The best networking. Network with 800+ attendees, including 400+ LPs and 280 GPs from across Asia and the rest of the world.


            1. A comprehensive update on every market. Get an update on the private equity landscape across the whole Asia-Pacific region including Greater China, India, Japan, Southeast Asia, Korea, Australia & New Zealand.


            1. New challenges. Fresh perspectives. Key themes at the top of this year's agenda include liquidity, valuations, LP perspectives and the macroeconomic and political backdrop.


            1. Don’t miss the summit day. Join on 23rd September and move between the Venture Capital, LP/GP Relations and Fundraising, Southeast Asia Summits.


            1. Why do 400+ LPs attend? Asian and international investors can expect tailored, LP-led sessions including exclusive 'off the record' closed-door discussions and invite-only breakfasts and lunches.


            For more information or to register:

            call: +44 (0)20 3377 3279

            email: gf-registrations@knect365.com

            or visit the website: https://rebrand.ly/SRAsia-LPEM


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